How to Act As If You Already Have What You Want

Anyone who knows a little about the Law of Attraction will know that in order to manifest anything you want, you first have to act as if you already have it.  This is one of the biggest obstacles that most people struggle with.  How are you supposed to act like you have all the money you desire if you can’t even pay your bills?  How are you supposed to act as if you have the perfect relationship or are in optimal health if none of that is true?

The principle for acting as if you already have something with the Law of Attraction for any scenario is always the same.

Let’s focus on acting as if you have money when you’re broke.

Acting as if with regard to your finances doesn’t mean spending more money that you don’t have by running up huge credit card bills or taking out loans to spend on luxurious items that you would buy if you had all the money in the world.

It is a Mental Attitude

The first step is to mentally prepare yourself.  You absolutely have to stop focusing on the lack of money.  Stressing and worrying about how you are going to pay a bill is not going to get the bill paid so is not only wasted energy, but detrimental to achieving what you want.  I am not suggesting that you put your head in the sand and ignore the bill that needs to be paid.  There is a huge difference between stressing and simply acknowledging that you need money to pay the bill.

When you look at the bill don’t think OMG, I am never going to be able to pay that!  Look at it and acknowledge that you will have the funds to pay it.  This is exciting.  Manifesting with the law of attraction is getting something that without it you would not receive.  Look at it like a gift from the universe.  How will it happen?  With the law of attraction you have to let it happen, let it come to you because you expect it too.

Have fun thinking of all the ways the universe could provide you with what you need.  Will you win the lottery?  Will you get an increase at work?  Will you finally close that sale?  Will you get an unexpected refund?  Use your imagination and enjoy running all the scenarios you can think of in your mind.

Now that you’re mentally prepared for the universe to deliver what you desire, you must begin acting as if.

You have a present self (the self with no ability to pay the bill) and a future self (the self with the money that is wanted).   Historically you have focused on the present self, the feelings caused by lack and the situation that caused the lack.

But look at your future self.  You future self has all the money needed.  Your future self is easily able to manifest.

Take a closer look at your future self.  Look at a typical day in the life of your abundant future self.  What do you think when you wake up each morning?  What is your morning routine?  How do you dress?  What do you eat? How well do you sleep?  What do you do at bed time?   What are your dominant daily thoughts?  Who is in your life?  What do you do during the day?  How do you speak to people?  How do people speak to you?  What are you grateful for?  Where do you live?  What car do you drive?  What holiday destinations do you think about?  Do you give money to charity?  If so, what charities?  Really get inside the head of your future self.  When you think of buying something, how do you feel?  When you login to your bank account, before you even see your bank balance, how do you feel?  When you get a bill to pay, how does it feel?

What is the mind set of your abundant future self?  Are you in the Asking or Receiving mode?

Now compare your current mind set to that of your future self?

When you login to the bank, do you have a feeling of dread?  Is it an effort to get up each morning and face your day?  Do you eat correctly?  What are your dominant thoughts?

Are you in the Asking or Receiving mode?

You will notice that there is a huge difference between the mind set of your current self and your future self.  It’s the mind set that is of utmost importance and not just the reality that your future self has all the money required and you don’t.  Your current self never gets out of the asking mode whereas your future self is in the receiving mode.

Your future self is abundant because of the mind set.  The mind set was there BEFORE the money manifested!

If you want your future self to become your current reality you have to change your mind set now.  You have to adopt the mind set of your future self today.  Try the As-If Techniques.  These are mind-blowing techniques that can INSTANTLY boost your happiness, confidence, motivation, energy, and more. Plus, they're all 100% FREE to download.

You need to stop Asking and start Receiving.

And if you can master this, you will enjoy all the gifts the universe has to offer you.

You will become your future self.

About the Author Holly Bennett

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. The phrase Law of Attraction often seems to most people as an unrealistic, wishful thinking idea, not at all based in our reality. But to me, it's everything - it's lining up with the God source energy, believing God is there for you and having faith in his love for me.

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