Believe in Your Dreams

A few weeks ago my daughter gave me a notebook with Believe in your Dreams inscribed on the cover.  This was a great gift, because not only was my current notebook almost full, the words are on the cover were so appropriate to the current stage of my life, as I am in the early stages of building the Law of Attraction quantified.

Each page in the notebook is blank, waiting to be filled with inspirational ideas, to do lists, observations and goals

And of course, dreams!

Inspirational ideas, to do lists, observations and goals are elements that can be used practically to work towards your dream, but the big question here for me is exactly what is my dream? 

Believe in Your Dreams

Without being able to pinpoint it exactly, I won’t be able to give it the focus it deserves.  Wishy washy generalist wants are not dreams and without clear intent, cannot be achieved, as it is impossible to achieve a dream that is not clearly defined.

So What Exactly is a Dream?

Dreams for everybody will be different.  They should have a purpose and an end result, and always be something you have not achieved before.  It should be something that lights a fire within you so each day is started with a sense of excitement and expectation.  

You may not know exactly how you are going to achieve it, but know that you will.  You know where you are going and what you want to achieve. The end result will be different for everybody.  It could be a monetary goal, the holiday of a lifetime, a bigger house, a luxury car or even a sense of accomplishment.

Dream of a new house

Own your dream.  It’s your dream and has nothing to do with anybody else.  You will probably experience a lot of negativity from others who will tell you that you are unrealistic, aren’t talented enough, it’s impossible, but don’t let others opinions steer you off your path.  Staying true to your dream is staying true to yourself.

And that’s what life is all about.  You are not here to fulfil other people’s dreams.  You are here to create what it is you really want.  And it all starts with belief.

Believe in your dream.  Play it out in your mind.  It should feel really good to you.  If it does, then you’re on the right path.  Be excited about it.

This is What My Daughter Did

Up till about ten years ago she had never really traveled.  It was her dream to go to New York.  Without having the money to pay for an expensive long haul overseas trip, in her spare time she would sit at her laptop browsing flights, reading Trip Advisor reviews and planned her trip in detail, as if she was really going.  She would even go so far as dragging her fiancé to the airport for dinner where she would sit at the window overlooking the runway watching the planes take off for distant lands.  She would walk through the international departures section soaking up the atmosphere and imagining what it would be like to check in for her New York flight.  

The very next year her dream came true.  But it was even better than what she had planned.  She is a big Beyoncé fan and had always wanted to see her in concert, and that is exactly what happened - she ended up attending the Beyoncé New York concert too.

You are using the law of attraction to manifest your dream.  You don’t need to know how it’s going to come about but for it to manifest, you need to believe.  Learn to act as if it has already happened.  And this is a wonderful feeling, just knowing that your dream has the possibility of coming true.  What could be more exciting?

Be in harmony with your dream.  It may not happen right away, but have the faith that the universe will bring the right circumstances and people into your life when the time is right.  For the time to be right you need to be ready to recognize these possibilities and be open to them.  Someone is not going to knock on your door and say I am here to fulfil your dream.  But if you truly believe and live your life in a vibration of expectancy, then circumstances will manifest that, if recognised, will lead your down the path towards the fulfilment of your dream.

I will believe in my dreams.  I will believe in myself.  I am my dream.

So what exactly is your dream?

About the Author Holly Bennett

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. The phrase Law of Attraction often seems to most people as an unrealistic, wishful thinking idea, not at all based in our reality. But to me, it's everything - it's lining up with the God source energy, believing God is there for you and having faith in his love for me.