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Play the Game

Play the Game

I was recently in the kitchen preparing our evening meal listening to music on my Google box and a Queen song came on called Play the Game. At the time I had just begun working on the Law of Attraction quantified site and was thinking of all the things I could write about that would not only be motivating, but uplifting too. And as this song played, it became clear to me that it was something I should definitely write about. Every word just spoke to me. The lyrics resonated with me.

Even the title had meaning.

Play the Game

The law of attraction won’t work in your favour if applied with heaviness. So turn the law of attraction into a game. Something that is fun. Start off with small things. Try the Penny Experiment. Be light hearted. Expect the best but don’t force it. Be happy.

Open Up Your Mind and Let Me Step Inside
What you think about is what you attract. Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your vibration. Open up your mind to think new thoughts, thoughts that match the vibration of the real you, your soul. Be open and let your soul in. Don’t limit your beliefs to what your physical being has experienced. Your universal soul is the bigger part of you – let it in.

Rest Your Weary Head and Let Your Heart Decide
Don’t overthink things. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t need to have all the answers. Listen to your gut. What is your heart saying to you?

It’s So Easy When You Know the Rules
Understand the law of attraction. Experiment with it. Play with it. Notice how the universe responds to you. Get to know the rules.

All You Have to Do Is Fall in Love
Fall in love with who you really are. You are a vibrational spiritual being, part of which is in your physical body, but the bigger part of you, your soul, with the resources of the entire universe available to it, is there for you. Love your physical self but love your soul even more. It is all you and I know you are on your side.

When You’re Feeling Down and Your Resistance is Low, Light Another Cigarette and Let Yourself Go
You will have off days but don’t dwell on them. Accept circumstances as they are. Recognise when you are feeling low and do something to shift your thoughts. Think about things that make you happy. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Do something that will break the negative cloud and shift your vibration. Go have fun.

This is Your Life
It sure is. It is your life. You are the one living it. You may share it with others, but its only yours and you should make it be what you want it to be. Be an active participant in your life. Don’t just drift along. Put the action into Law of Attr-action by focusing on what it is you really want and what you want your life to be.

Don’t Play Hard to Get
Stop looking for excuses as to why things don’t work out for you. Your soul is leading you towards circumstances that are in alignment with your dreams. Stop believing the things you want are not possible.

It’s a Free World
The freedom to decide what you think and how you feel is a free choice you have. You can decide to focus on lack or on the potential of better things. You can freely choose whether to see your world as a friendly, abundant place or a fearful and difficult world. How you see your world on the inside, reflects on the outside.

My Game of Love Has Just Begun, Love Runs From My Head Down to My Toes My Love Is Pumping Through My Veins, Driving Me Insane
When you are truly in alignment with who you really are, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. You can feel the love of your spiritual soul in every fibre of your being. You are on a natural high.

Everybody Play the Game of Love
What a beautiful world we would live in if everybody saw and expected the best, from themselves and each other.

So do as John Lennon did ….. Imagine!


A few years ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Abraham Hicks Alaskan cruise seminar.  My daughter and I booked it in January 2014 to depart in July 2014. During the months leading up to the cruise I would Google all sorts of things about Alaska and the cruise ship and came across a video on YouTube where the crew suddenly broke out into a flash dance in the casino. I absolutely loved the video and felt the genuine excitement of being on the cruise ship.  

When we booked the cruise and seminar, we only paid the deposit and had about 5 months to ensure it was all paid in full.  At the time we were living in South Africa so in addition to the cruise and seminar costs, there were also long-haul flights and accommodation to pay.  At the time of making the booking we did not know how we were going to pay for it, especially as the Rand/Dollar exchange rate was really high and was likely to worsen over time.

But that did not matter.  We knew we were going.  It was more than belief.  It was a knowing.  We just knew it would all work out and it sure did.  Apart from the wonderful experience of the Abraham Hicks seminar, enjoyed on a beautiful ship amongst the most beautiful scenery, we managed an additional three weeks in the USA visiting New York, Seattle, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas!

So during the months building up to our trip, I watched the above video repeatedly, soaking up the atmosphere, imagining how it would feel to be there and walked about the house singing Pokerface all the time.  Every time I heard the song or watched the video I felt really good, really excited and very happy.  Don't forget during these months the trip still had to be paid for and we didn't have the funds required readily available.  My vibration was extremely high and the music lifted me each time I heard it.  I subconsciously programmed my brain to expect the best outcome and that is what I got.

I now have a new dream.  One that will definitely need the Law of Attraction to come true.  This one also involves travel and would be a family vacation to remember. When I decided this is what I wanted, I chatted to my daughter about it, just like we had chatted about our Alaska trip and I told her a highlight would be a family dinner with a band playing Spanish or Italian songs and music.  She asked me for an example (she likes to be specific) and at the time I couldn't really provide anything she knew.  Later that day I was watching TV and Volare came on.  That's it - that's the music!

So am now doing what I did before.  I have associated the song Volare with my dream family vacation.  I play it all the time and as the music fills the room, I imagine the holiday, not only what I am doing but how it feels. I am so excited and can't wait to go.  Please note at the time of writing this, I have not yet booked anything, but that doesn't matter.  I am enjoying the feeling of the holiday through the music right now.

I am definitely going on this holiday.  I don't know exactly where or when but when the time is right, the Universe through the Law of Attraction and a lot of Volare, will show me the way.

What's your Volare?