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VIDEO: Is the Law of Attraction Biblical?

f you actively practice the Law of Attraction you probably already understand the spiritual connection.  Being spiritual is not necessarily following a specific religion, and although all religions are different there are common ideals.  The question I am exploring is whether there is any foundation for the Law of Attraction in the bible?  Is the Law of Attraction biblical?


VIDEO: What Does It Mean to Change Your Mind?

The first step is to first decide whether you believe in the Law of Attraction. Find out all you can and get to understand it. The Law of Attraction works on your belief system. You attract what you truly believe, so it follows that if you don’t really believe in the Law of Attraction, then it won’t work for you the way you want it to. So make up your mind on this. 


VIDEO: Live the Life You Deserve with the Law of Attraction

You know you’re more than your physical body. You know deep down that you are a vibrational being and that you create your life with the Law of Attraction. But somehow, you don’t seem to be able to create the life you dream about. What are you doing wrong? What is missing?

VIDEO: Stop Playing the Blame Game

Every day the universe provides us with evidence that the Law of Attraction really works.  Yet most of us fail to see this.  We want to believe that we can be creators of our own reality and when we think about this, we think in terms of abundance, loving relationships, and all the good stuff.  We think about all the positive things and experiences we wish to manifest.