The Penny Experiment

Yesterday I decided to do the Law of Attraction penny experiment which in its execution is really simple to do.  This is an ideal exercise for those of you who are still not convinced that the Law of Attraction is real and that it really works.  The objective is to have a penny materialise (no cheating – you can’t just look in your purse or wallet). 

As you know or have been told, the Law of Attraction, just like gravity, is always working, whether you believe it or not.  The idea is to attract something you want by believing you will attract it.  When it comes to attracting larger, more expensive or valuable items, we are very often resistant to it, and with resistance comes failure and lack of belief.

If you choose to attract something that is inconsequential and freely available, more than likely you will have no resistance to the idea.  Pennies are of little value and millions of them exist all over the world, so how hard should it be to have one manifest especially for you?

To enjoy success you cannot be sceptical.  You have to believe that the universe will manifest a penny.  You will attract the penny.  You don’t have to go looking for it.  You don’t have to do anything to make it show up.  All you have to do is expect it to appear.  Your intention must be that a penny is going to manifest for you in your world today and be excited at the anticipated result and enjoy the thought of actually manifesting something deliberately.

This is fun.  When my penny appeared I could not stop laughing.

Bathroom and Penny

This morning as I got out of bed I said “Today I am going to attract a penny”!  This was the second day of my experiment.  I then forgot about it and got on with my morning routine which included getting my grandson dressed and ready for school.  As I took him into his parents’ bathroom to brush his teeth, next to the basin, were three pennies.  I had never seen any money in the bathroom before!  The universe had not provided me with one but three pennies!!  It was an awesome feeling seeing them, lying there, waiting for me.  I felt truly blessed and so grateful.

That is part one of the experiment.  When your penny manifests you will have confirmation that you have successfully used the law of attraction to create something you wanted. 

Then to harness your success and to build momentum, you need to acknowledge the positive outcome.  You need to thank the universe, not specifically for the penny, but for providing you with the money you desired.  Enjoy the feeling, be appreciative for the experience and continue on with the intent that the universe will provide you more and more, over and over again.

The Law of Attraction works on it's own timetable.  You cannot control it.  Let go and wait for your desire to manifest when and where it's ready!

About the Author Holly Bennett

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. The phrase Law of Attraction often seems to most people as an unrealistic, wishful thinking idea, not at all based in our reality. But to me, it's everything - it's lining up with the God source energy, believing God is there for you and having faith in his love for me.