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Today’s the Day

Today's the Day - If you believe  this, one day it could very well be.

When I first heard the true story of Mel Fisher’s search for the sunken Spanish Galleon, the Atocha which sunk off the coast of the Florida Keys in 1622, I was impressed.  Not because of the vast amount of treasure that was found, but because, despite all the negativity and even tragedy that he endured, Mel Fisher never gave up.

The Nuestra Senora de Atocha was part of a convey carrying gold, jewels, silver bars, pieces of eight according the ship’s manifest. Research also indicated that it was probably also carrying treasure that was not on the manifest too like gold bars and emeralds.

In September 1622 whilst travelling from Cuba back to Spain, the convey was caught in a hurricane.  Some of the ships managed to escape the force of the hurricane and get back to safety in Cuba, whilst others, including the Atocha, heavy with its’ treasure laden cargo, smashed onto the Florida Reef.

Mel Fisher - The Atocha

It is interesting to note that five people survived this terrible shipwreck and later, five people would die in Mel Fisher’s quest to find the Atocha. Two of the five people who died were his oldest son Dirk and his daughter-in-law Angel on 20th July 1975.

Prior to the death of his son, Mel Fisher had located artifacts and some treasure from the Atocha but other treasure hunters were sceptical of his find.  He knew what he had found was from the Atocha but wanted to find something definitive, that nobody would question, which would prove what he believed.

His son Dirk played a key role in this.  A week before his death he located nine of the ship’s canons which put an end to all the speculation once and for all.

Despite the death of his son, the search for the mother lode continued, as did the legal battle with the American courts regarding ownership of the treasure which Mel Fisher eventually won.

Then, exactly ten years to the day of Dirk’s death, Mel’s son Kane, was searching near the spot where his brother had lost his life, when he came across a reef consisting of 47 tons of silver bars. 

After sixteen years, the mother lode of the Atocha had finally been found at a value of approximately $450 million.

The Today's the Day story is so inspiring and there’s so much to take from it.

Mel Fisher Treasure Story

We know dreams can come true but often we give up when things get difficult.  When the world is saying No, without clear determination and intent, we can begin to agree and the voice of negativity becomes our own.

I don’t know whether Mel Fisher believed in the Law of Attraction or had even heard of the term, but his actions demonstrated a positive belief and a deep sense of knowing that he would find the Atocha. 

He has been described as the eternal optimist who began every day saying “Today’s the Day”!  As he searched for 16 years, he would have declared this almost 6000 times.

He didn’t give up after saying this 1000 times.

He didn’t stop saying this after 5000 times.

Todays the Day - Mel Fisher quote

He didn’t give up despite all the challenges and obstacles he had to overcome. He held fast to his belief.  He stayed the course.

Apart from becoming a very wealthy man, the confirmation and achievement of his belief in his life-long dream was the real treasure. 

What if he’d given up after five months or five years?  He was right.  The treasure was there, but he would never have fulfilled his dream.

Some things we desire manifest quickly and easily, but just because it can be difficult or lengthy in time, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.  As long as your desire matches your beliefs and you are actively pursuing your dream, it can come true.  Mel Fisher certainly put the action into Law of Attr-action.

Today may be your day!

About the Author Holly Bennett

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. The phrase Law of Attraction often seems to most people as an unrealistic, wishful thinking idea, not at all based in our reality. But to me, it's everything - it's lining up with the God source energy, believing God is there for you and having faith in his love for me.